Instructional videos

10 valuable minutes to learn how to plan your presence at the event.

Watch the 5 spots!

Only 2 minutes each. Feel free to share them with anybody involved in the event in some way.
Please, take into account they are only in Spanish.


A general overview of how to approach your participation in an exhibition.

Before the exhibition 1

Practical suggestions about planning, budget, objectives, exhibitor's manual, booth, product exhibition and more.

Before the exhibition 2

Recommendations concerning the company’s image, the human resources that will assist visitors, the promotion of your participation and the booth’s complete preparation.

During the event

Important tips for when the event is under way. Booth layout, verbal and non-verbal communication, social networks, daily evaluations.


The closing of an event opens new doors. Time to evaluate, thank, build databases and foster the business opportunities that were developed during those days.

Contact the Exhibitor's Service Team

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Mercedes Sánchez

Responsible for Exhibitor's Service

Mercedes Sánchez